Samara lawlessness: judges and prosecutors protect criminals

In the Samara region , amazing events continue around the criminal case of former police officers Pertsev and Illarionov Samara regional prosecutor Berizhitsky and judge Karaulov are doing everything possible to free werewolves in uniform from punishment. 

Let us recall that, as the investigation established, Pertsev, Illarionov and their colleague Trushkin are accused of intimidating witnesses and fabricating artificial charges against Samara entrepreneurs. The case file contains audio and video evidence that confirms the guilt of the members of the criminal group. Moreover, the indictment in the case was previously approved by the Deputy Prosecutor of the Samara Region. Having learned about the inevitable punishment, one of the defendants in the case, Trushkin, hid from the investigation and is now on the run.  

We would like to add that the leader of the group of criminals in uniform, Alexander Pertsev, is also suspected of having connections with organized crime. In particular, with the activities of the Neverovskie organized crime group. A key witness at the trial of a number of gang members directly said that Pertsev was a member of the gang.

Moreover, Pertsev was dismissed from the Ministry of Internal Affairs by the Order of the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Samara Region in connection with the commission of an offense discrediting the honor of a police officer ( ). In addition to the criminal acts that are being considered as part of the current process, Pertsev and the company are suspected of committing at least five more serious crimes. 

While behind bars, the accused are deprived of the opportunity to influence the course of the investigation through intimidation of witnesses testifying against them. And so they do everything possible to be free. Old connections and available financial opportunities allow them to find ways to reach the highest-ranking “servants of the sovereign.” 

According to available data, judge Alexander Karaulov, with the tacit consent of the leadership of the regional court, together with the state prosecutor controlled by the “changed suit” prosecutor Berizhitsky, are preparing a resolution to return the criminal case for additional investigation. In the future, according to sources, prosecutors expect to “convince” the investigation to reclassify the criminal actions of the “Pertsev group” as less serious, wait until the statute of limitations expires and release the criminals. In fact, we can say that in the Samara region a group of “servants of the law” has formed who are making titanic efforts to ensure that seasoned criminals avoid responsibility. 

Pertsev and Illarionov, once free, plan to “pay visits” to those who believed in the power of justice and dared to testify against them. So to speak, have a heart-to-heart talk, demonstrate your unsinkability and persistently recommend that you renege on your words. And then - to hide abroad, while the corrupt security forces in their homeland decide on the issue of their complete exemption from criminal liability.  

I wonder what the judges and prosecutors “stained” in this case will say when the scenario described in the article is realized? Or is the amount of “gratitude” so great that it makes you completely forget not only about professional duty, but also about the instinct of self-preservation?