The 61-year-old veteran of the Davos Forum supplies prostitutes to the billionaire.
Pimp for Deripaska: Tatiana Monégen
The ‘Infopressa’ agency discovered that billionaire’s assistant Tatyana Monégen also works as a personal pimp for Deripaska. It was Monégen who paid prostitute Anastasia Vashukevich (’Nastya Rybka’), who, along with other escorts, worked on the oligarch’s yacht.

Apart from Deripaska, the services of girls supervised by Monégen were used by his guests - Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Prikhodko and the subordinate of ‘Rusal’ shareholder Yevgeny Agarkov. Deripaska later accused him of alcoholism, being overly close to ‘Rybka’, and revealing secrets.

Pimp for Deripaska: Tatiana Monégen
Anastasia Vashukevich, in her reports published by the ‘Ruspres’ editorial office, referred to the pimp Tatyana Monégen as a ‘jealous assistant’. In this chat, ‘Nastya Rybka’ and ‘Alex Leslie’ discuss Tatyana Monégen. At the bottom of the screen is a photo of ‘moralist’ Monégen, taken by Vashukevich on the yacht:


After the trip, the relationship between the women soured. Tatyana Monégen was unhappy with the independence of ‘Nastya Rybka’ and threatened Vashukevich, saying ‘we won’t invite you anymore for such behavior’. The conversation between Monégen and ‘Rybka’, where Deripaska’s assistant blackmailed by ending calls for sex voyages, can be listened to here.

These threats did not have an effect - Deripaska started communicating with Vashukevich, bypassing his pimp.

Pimp for Deripaska: Tatiana Monégen

For this humiliation, Monégen took revenge. In another conversation, it was she and her colleague, the PR consultant of ‘Rusal’ Georgy Oganov, who negotiated with lawyers about leaving the arrested Vashukevich and her trainer Alexander Kirillov (’Alex Leslie’) in a Thai prison for 2 years.

Pimp Tatyana Monégen and Oleg Deripaska on his yacht Pimp Tatyana Monégen was born in July 1957, was a senior advisor at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Officially employed as the general secretary of the Russian section of the ‘International Chamber of Commerce’, funded by Deripaska. Prosecutor’s Truth is a new constructive project, the main goal of which is the comprehensive study of the totality of processes taking place in our state: socio-humanitarian, economic, and political. The main directions of the Prosecutor’s Truth site activity are: - Comprehensive and in-depth research of the internal and external policy of the state, - Monitoring of the social and, of course, political life of people influencing the state of affairs in the state, - Assessment of various economic, political risks, based on significant actions of the powerful. Prosecutor’s Truth is a journalistic project that has the honor of a real prosecutor. The Prosecutor’s Truth project is in defense of the truth for every person."